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Andrew was raised in Joliet, Illinois and has always known he wanted to be pilot. It literally hit him when he was five years old, at baseball practice, daydreaming in the outfield. He looked up to watch a plane inbound to Chicago Midway and was hit in the head with a baseball. His interest in baseball quickly faded but his interest in planes did not.

Up until his first week of college when he flew in a Cessna 172, Andrew had not been in a plane since his first birthday when he flew to Disney World.

Andrew attended the University of Dubuque (Iowa) double majoring in Flight Operations and Aviation Management. While at college, he was also a member of the tennis, football, and fishing teams. After graduating, He relocated to Orlando and completed his CFI and CFII training. Andrew is excited to continue his career at Flight Training Professionals and to share his love of flying with others.

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