Ed Comisky


Ed Comisky first got interested in flying at the age of 8 when he saw a picture of a WWII fighter airplane on the cover of a Boy’s Life magazine.ᅠ It was a picture of a F4U Corsair.ᅠ The article on the inside of the magazine described how an group of pilots had restored this old warplane to original condition and flew it in airs shows around the country.ᅠ From that point forward all he wanted to do was to FLY!


Ed started flying at age 15 from a grass runway cut out of the corn fields of Central Illinois.ᅠ He soloed an airplane at age 16 and became a Private Pilot at age 17.ᅠ In 1986, while attending the University of Illinois, Ed became a Flight Instructor and has been actively teaching since then.ᅠ He holds Flight Instructor ratings for teaching in Single and Multi-Engine Airplanes.ᅠ He is also rated to teach Instrument Flying.ᅠ In 2004 he was one of the first instructors to become a Cessna Factory Authorized Instructor on the New Garmin 1000 equipped airplanes.ᅠ Most recently he was designated by Cessna as an Authorized Instructor in the Cessna Covalis and Covalis TT.


Ed has been involved with managing flight schools for the last 21 years.ᅠ His experience ranges from establishing a small Cessna Pilot Center to managing a staff of 200 instructors and 120 airplanes at four locations with approximately 700 students.ᅠ Ed also taught and managed the University of Cincinnati’s Aviation Technology Degree Program.ᅠ He has remained on the education side of aviation all of these years because he truly enjoys sharing his passion for flying with other aviation enthusiast.

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