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Lennie Lyons

Keith Wynsma

As a small child, Keith dreamed of being a pilot.  He was fascinated by airplanes and finally began flying when he was 16 years old. He went on to get his private pilot and instrument ratings and loved to take to the skies whenever he had the chance.  In 1994, Keith decided that it was time to make his passion for flight into a career and enrolled in the Delta Connection Academy.  It wasn’t until after graduating from the Academy and becoming a flight instructor that Keith realized he had a knack for teaching and actually enjoyed it!


In 1996, Keith’s dream of becoming an airline pilot became a reality and he flew for Comair Airlines for 12 ½ years. While at the airline, he was able to continue his love for teaching by working for 6 of those years in the training department as a ground school instructor and simulator instructor.


Keith currently holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and is able to instruct in single and multi-engine aircraft as well as teach the instrument rating. He holds type ratings in the Brasilia, Cessna Citation, and Canadair Regional Jet.

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