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Maggie Broman

Louisiana native Maggie Broman got bit by the "flying bug" in high school, as a result of an Economics project.  Even though she had never been in a small training aircraft before, she started begging her parents to let her take flying lessons.  After 2 years of persistent pestering, they caved and Maggie went up for her first flight and was hooked.  While her classmates took post-graduation trips to Europe, Maggie stayed in her hometown of Shreveport and worked toward her first solo.  After that, she entered the Professional Aviation program at Louisiana Tech University in 2000 and spent the next 4 years earning more ratings as an honor student and active member of the international aviation fraternity Alpha Eta Rho.  After graduation, she moved to Florida to start flight instructing.


While her colleagues were building their hours and rushing off to the airlines, Maggie found that she enjoyed teaching and made the active choice to become a career instructor.  She enjoys the personal interaction with her customers and the close-knit environment that is general aviation.  She is an active member of Women in Aviation and enjoys doing volunteer work in the aviation community.  Maggie is proud to be included in the 6% of licensed pilotsᅠin the country who are female.


 She has trained pilots of all ages-fromᅠkids to grandparents; some of those have gone on to fly for airlines, some fly for their own pleasure, but they all had one thing in common- they all had a fun and enjoyable training experience.  Maggie's job satisfaction comes as a result of her clients achieving their flying goals, and she enjoys every minute of it.

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